Is there a better opportunity to learn about Africa than to visit? The Program in African Studies and PIIRS offer students several opportunities to study abroad in both East and West Africa. 

African Studies Global Seminar

Almost every summer, PIIRS offers an opportunity to travel to Africa through its PIIRS Global Seminars program, which are six-week study abroad trips in which students learn about a topic specific to the country in which they are living. Past Global Seminars have traveled to Accra, Ghana, and to Windhoek, Namibia, where students immerse themselves in the history and culture of the country while participating in introductory language instruction. Excursions to nearby towns and parks are always part of the itinerary. Funding is available.

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Princeton in Kenya

Princeton in Kenya is a Kiswahili summer study abroad program which allows students to encounter firsthand the peoples, culture, and contemporary concerns of other regions of the world. Learn more about the program. The program offers Princeton students an intensive experience that combines in-class Swahili language study with immersion in the daily life and culture of the Swahili-speakers across Kenya.

Princeton in Kenya: SWA103K

SWA103K is a 6-week summer in-country, immersive course for students who have no prior proficiency in Swahili language. Students who complete SWA103K will be able to test out of SWA101 and SWA102 and be eligible to enroll in SWA105 on campus in the fall. 

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Princeton in Kenya: SWA105K

SWA105K is 6-week summer in-country, immersive course for students who have taken SWA101 and SWA102. Students who complete SWA105K will be able to enroll in SWA107 on campus in the fall.

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Princeton in Kenya is sponsored by the Office of International Programs and the Program in African Studies. 


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