Africa is the continent where humanity began and where it's future will be determined. Princeton’s minor in African Studies provides opportunities to all Princeton students, regardless of major, to learn about the continent.

Students will learn a variety of methods, interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives that will enrich them with critical and analytical tools for engaging with Africa. These perspectives will aid them in their studies generally, enhancing skills used across all disciplines. The minor is devoted to the study of the Histories, Cultures, Religions, Literature, Languages, and Arts of Africa. Classes in Africa’s politics, economic life, social history and ecology are offered each semester. The minor also offers classes in Africa’s vibrant art scenes, past and present, where literature, music and art have come to define a new postcolonial African cosmopolitanism. Opportunities to learn Swahili and Twi are offered in the fall and spring on campus and internationally each summer. The Program in African Studies is uniquely situated to teach students ethical approaches to the study of Africa that will serve them well in all areas of study.


Fiona Romaine 
Manager, Program in African Studies
Call 609-258-9400